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Andrew is 1 today!

Yep. Andres is now 1!!! I can't believe its been a whole year since I had him. Ohhh wow. I can't believe I dont have anymore babies anywhere. Lol. That is until we decide to add LO#3. Haha. I had to work today so unfortunetly I wasn't able to wake up with my birthday boy. I was really bummed about that. But I did make his birthday cupcakes at work. They turned out really cute and everyone loved them. And the party turned out really good to. Not that I thought it wouldn't. We just planned on it being my mom, Elliot's mom, his sisters and possible 2 greatgrandmas. Elliot's mom's sister and husband came. And so did two of Elliot's cousins and his cousin wife and 2 of their kids. Lol. It was a full house. But overall a great time. And Elliot's cousin agreed to do our family pictures! I can't wait. He suggested that we wait about a month so we can do it outside while the leaves are really nice looking. I'm really excited.

Hmm, what else. It seems like Nathan is learning something new everyday. His vocabulary is getting better and better every day. He's growing so fast it breaks my heart. But I love it.

My diaper sewing is going well. I recieved some Fold Over Elastic from lady on a site I joined. I can't wait to start sewing with it. I think I have enough PUL to make 1 cover for now. And when I put out the ISO, another lady offered to make me some covers! I said just a couple would be fine. She made me four! I love these ladies soo much. I also recieved a pattern to make a cover. And I downloaded several different diaper patterns. I can't wait to get sewing. I ran almost completely out of fabric. On friday was finally able to buy some fleece and flannel. I also plan on making my boys some matching pj pants.

I'm going to mention a diaper giveaway in hopes of uping my chances of winning the grand prize. $500 to spend at Diaper Junction!!! Can you say woo hoo? Here's the link
http://www.clothdiaperblog.com/cloth-diaper-blog-super-stash-giveaway/#comment-49609 .

Even the runner up prized are great. One is a 12pk of fuzzinbuns. And another is a 6pk of BumGenius. I have used the BG's and I really like them. But I havent used fuzzinbuns before but have heard really good things about them. If I won the grand prize, oh man what I WOULDN'T buy. Lol.

So thats it for now. I'm going to try to get better at making more frequent updates.

I'm changing things.

I haven't posted in a while. Just been busy with things and not feeling up to anything really.

I had originally started this blog as a weight loss support. But since then have switched it up a bit. As much as I still want to lose weight and get healthy, I've been talking about other things on here when I do post. Now its just going to be about my life. Lol. And trying to be more "green" and living a better lifestyle. While still trying to be a little glam.

I've really gotten into making my own diapers. I love the Rita Rumps pattern. So easy to make and they work great too. By far one of my favorites to make and use. I also recently went online and searched for free patterns. I found a TON! I found one about 5 minutes ago to make crib/toddler bed sheets. I can't wait to make some for the boys. And I found one to make some baby shoes. I'm hoping with those I can get the sizing right and make some for Nathan. And I found a couple diaper patterns too.

I've also joined a site that is AMAZING! Diaper Sewing Divas has given me soo much advice. I wasnt really doing things wrong but there were ways I could do it better and my diapers look awesome.

I'm hoping that when the new year starts, we can start looking for a new place to live. We are currently living with Elliot's parents. And while we dont pay rent or anything, it is stressfull living here. His parents often put him down about how he parents and such. So when the time comes, I'm hoping we can find a house to rent. But Im worried about being able to afford a house. I know the rent is usually higher.
The reason I'm looking at a house is because there would be more freedom to do things. I could likely have a garden. I've really been wanting to have a garden lately. And I could do my cloth diapers more easily. I could in an apartment but I just flat out want a house.

We're hoping by the time we start looking, Elliot will have a job. But its not looking too good. I'm getting discouraged because I help him find jobs and apply and tell him to call back and what not. But he never does. I'll ask him if he wants to work at whatever place and he'll say "not really". I get upset and tell him she should tell me before I helped him apply. Ugh! I dont know how much longer I can put up with this.

Well, I guess thats it for now. I'll try to get better at posting more often.


This time Im serious!

Im so fed up with how I've been doing with this diet/lifestyle change. Its a terrible excuse for "losing weight" and getting healthy. Tomorrow it starts!

We found a bike in Elliot's parent's garage and I plan on using it to ride to work so I dont waste gas driving and I dont wake up early enough to walk. I going to find some good cereal bars or something simple I can do for breakfast. I will be making my own lunch the night before work. Probably a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Maybe a banana or apple (or something) with the sandwich. Maybe a small snack when I get home. Then chicken and veggies for dinner. Nothing major. Just good healthy food.

In the last 5 days I've had 4 cans of soda. Im so proud of that because I pretty much lived on soda. Like 2+ bottles a day, along with 2 or more cans of soda. So Im really happy about that. Starting tomorrow no more of that either.

I also keep getting urges to go for a run/jog. So next week Im also going to buy a pair of running shoes. Nothing fancy, just something to jog in. I've been taking my boys for a walk lately. But its been rainy the last couple days.


bit of a different update.

still trying but not making much effort. the weather has been fairly crappy lately. but we've moved back in with elliot's mom. so i have planned out my daily routine. 
-get up and go to work.
-work til about 1.
-come home and take my boys for a 1hr + walk
-put boys down for a nap, maybe take a short nap myself.
-play with boys when they get up.
-feed them dinner.
-possibly go for another walk.
-put boys to bed. go to bed.

I found a diet plan that I think I can stick to. It doesnt seem too hard. And I also went to the Whole Foods store the other week. Its alot of organic and vegan sorta stuff. Very natural. I really like the store but theyre soo expensive. But if I want to get healthy I have to do something.

Im trying to do a whole greener living thing. But now that we've moved back with Elliots parents Im not so sure how the cloth diaper thing will go. His mom really isnt keen on the whole thing. She thinks that cloth causes more diaper rashes, and that cleaning them is so much work. So I guess I'll let her be the one to buy disposables. But that wont happen because I'll end up buying them at some point just to coperate. But on a better note, my grandma is letting use the apartment space above her garage to do my sewing in! It'll be perfect. And it has a little kitchen and she has cable hooked up too. So I can take my boys with and keep some of their toys there and everything. Elliot wanted to ask if we could live there but maybe another day for that. Im also going to be doing a trail period on some of my diapers so I can start selling them. I just need to get them made and sent out. 
I found another cloth diaper store and I like this one alot more than the other one. The new one is alot closer to me and has such a bigger selection of diapers to choose from. Its so nice. And since I cant use my diapers at Elliots mom's Im going to use them whenever Im at my grandma's. She even has a washer and dryer in the garage meant for the apartment. It's just perfect.              

And I have a question for anyone that uses cloth diapers. Has anyone tried the kiwi pie OS diapers? They are soo cute but I've realized that cute isnt always functional. LOL. http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=1766 I really like the landing zone print.

And I love this website
<a href='http://www.nickisdiapers.com/' target='_blank'><img border='0' src='http://nickisdiapers.com/images/NickisDiapers125x125NEW.gif'/></a>


Not doing so well. I had been walking for a week with my boys and then the stroller ended up and my boyfriends moms. And now its taking forever to get it back to our place. mostly because it doesnt fit in our car. But I mean I could walk it back. I've been trying to eat better which is a slow process. But its getting there. I havent weighted myself in a while but thats probably for the best.

Anyways on a note that makes me happier, I use cloth diapers with my boys. I love that Im doing something good for the environment and that I dont have to spend $20 a week on diapers. I would really like to buy this http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=844 .
I've read pretty good things about thirsties so I think this might be my next diaper purchase. This or its between a wet bag or a flip diaper. We'll see.




I've still been trying to walk. It rained for about a week so not much happened then. Still having a self pity party on myself. I keep messing everything up and in the end it's messing with how I eat. This sucks. So right now I'm sitting in a big comfy chair, eating popcorn (very buttery) watching a movie. I WILL get the hang of this!

so far

I haven't stayed on track so well with eating better but I've been walking everyday for the past week. And not just around the block. Lol. We've gone on a hike 4 days this week and last night I took my boys on a 2+ hour walk around town. I'm really proud of the exercise I've been getting. And I'm working on the whole food thing. But its a process.

I've been meaning to post for the last couple of days but was either too busy or just didnt get around to it. Sorry. I've been doing ok on my whole life style change. I haven't really been eating the best things but I have cut down a little. It's a process and Im working on it. I'm still trying to go to the gym but its not working. I always think of something to keep me from going. So tomorrow after work, I'm going to go for atleast an hour. My mom is taking the boys overnight so I wont have to worry about hurrying home. I really want this to work. I hate how I look and I feel helpless. But I know its my fault and Im the one that needs to make the change. So tomorrow I'll be posting again. Hopefully I can brag about going to the gym.


feel like a failure

Not really a failure but just really dissapointed in myself. I had McDonald's today. And I had about have of a cream filled donut and foccacia bread with way too much cheddar cheese on it. But it tasted so good. Lol. I'm working on it. Sometimes I feel like I'm making no progress at all. But then again I realize when I'm eating something bad. Sad part is I tend to do it again.

On a good note (maybe half good) I almost gave up soda. I didn't drink any for like 4 days. So I know I can do without that. I'm proud of myself. And when I started drinking it again, all I would do was burp. Haha. So I think thats out of my lifestyle change.

Thats all I can really think of for now. I just read one a site the other day that if your serious of making these sorts of changes, one thing you have to do it admit when you're wrong. Or like when you're at fault.


my weight loss blog.

That's what this is going to be. We'll see how well I can keep up with it.

To start, lets see. I'm 22. I weigh (sadly) 188lbs. I feel terrible every time I see or hear that number. I know its not as bad as other people. But before I had my boys, I was 147. And still even then, I was technically overweight. In reality i should weigh no more than like 125.

Next summer is my 5yr high school reunion. So I want to look like i used to, if not better. Lol. And there are other reasons. I want to start planning a wedding someday. Elliot and I have been together for 3 and a half years. And we have 2 kids. I also want to feel better about myself. I dont. I feel disgusting, and ugly. But I know I'm not ugly. Elliot tells me he loves me and I'm beautiful everyday. It's just this sucky mind frame I have.

I'd like to be at my original weight by the time we celebrate our next anniversary, which is August 14th. That'll be our 4yr anniversary. I just realized that's 5 months away! God!! I'm thinking I'll go to the gym when I'm done with this. Yeah, I have a gym membership too. But I havent gone for like a month or two. I'm so angry at myself. Its stupid. I make excuses all the time. I'm being a baby about it. I get upset when I eat something bad but its like, I did it to myself. So I need to change alot of things. I'm going to give up soda (I drink diet), and drink more water. And as much as it will suck, most of my favorite foods. No more eating out unless its a special occasion. I'm going to start making my own lunch and taking it to work.

So yeah, I'm hoping I can really stick to this. I get so sick of just looking at myself so I'm getting to the point where I'm just fed-up.

Short entry but I'll get the hang of it. Haha.

Here's some current pictures:





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